85 min., 140 min., 65 min., 135 min., 120 min.

In the work 85 min., 140 min., 65 min., 135 min., 120 min. sedated animals are placed on the surface of a sensitized paper and a cyanotype print is made while the animals are asleep.

The duration of the caption makes it possible to look at the object over an extended period of time to investigate objectification through the notion of time - via a specific process or through a lens something transforms from one meaning to another. The process of time and the imprint created present an iconography, an investigation of ideas, designs, and contents of an artwork. This is reminiscent of historical artworks or legends, e.g. the face depicted on the print of Saint Veronica, created when she paused to wipe the sweat off Jesus’ face with her veil, resulting in his image being imprinted on a cloth. The titles refer not only to the time it took to make the photographic imprint, but also to the short amount of time taken to objectify and use a body for purposes other than just portraying – being artistic, scientific, aesthetic, or political.

The work was exhibited as part of the group exhibition World in My Eyes curated by FarAwaySoClose / Anna Johansson (SE) and Jessica Segerlund (SE) at Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense, Denmark.

Participants: Maria Bojsen, Magnus Fuhr, Meri Sidsel Gustafsson, Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller, Janni Mai Larsen, Naja Marie Lundstrøm, Daniel Mikilati, Helene Ringkjær Pedersen, Lucy Siame, Merete Vyff Slyngborg, Ditte Boen Soria, Tue Sprogø, Dan Stockholm, and Rikke Ehlers Nilsson.

Supported by Odense Kommune, Toyota Fonden, Nordea Fonden, and Augustinus Fonden

85 min., 140 min., 65 min., 135 min., 120 min.

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