How to Become a Culture City
Knitting Pattern

The work How to Become a Culture City is a How to Manual which consists of nine suggestions on how to become a culture city derived from conversations with artists and art workers living in the region of Northern Jutland turned into a knitting pattern. Taking up the challenge of what constitutes a sustainable cultural city, the work seeks to engage the perspective of artists in the dialogue around formulating municipal cultural policies.

The work was exhibited as part of Nordic Sessions #1 - bureaukrati, formulerer, skemaer curated by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen for Performance Protocols at StartupWorks in Aalborg, Denmark.

Participants: Jesper Olsen, Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Scott William Raby, Sall Lam Toro, Kamilla Mez, and Olof Olsson.

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Supported by KulturKANten, Nordisk Kulturfond, and Nordisk Kulturkontakt.

How to Become a Culture City (Knitting Pattern)

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